Liaison Agent Agreement

25th September 2021

Liaison Agent Agreement

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However, the manufacturer advertises at its own expense in this area and at its discretion, whether in newspapers, magazines, motion pictures or otherwise, and, to the extent possible, indicates the name of the representative as its sole sales agent in the area indicated above. 18. Under no circumstances may agents assign or transfer the Agency to another person without the written consent of the company. 11. The enterprise shall be entitled to provide officers with appropriate instructions and instructions regarding the sale of the company`s products or other agency activities during the life of the Agency, and officers shall be required to follow and follow the above instructions and instructions, unless unavoidable reasons prevent this. 7. Whether this Agreement is in force for a period of one year from the date of commencement of this Agreement, the Representative may not promote or act as such for products of the same type. 1. That the manufacturer attach the agent to his agent of the Commission for the sale.. in the State … and the agent hereby agrees, as sole representatives in the mentioned area of….

to act under the conditions set out herein. 9. Agents (i) shall properly and correctly account for all goods they receive; (ii) all orders received; (iii) details of all sales; (iv) other transactions made and (v) all funds they have received and spent on and on goods from each quarter to the company during the first week of each quarter. The company has the right to verify the accounts with the bank accounts. 2. The agent approached the manufacturer to request his appointment to that agent and agreed to act as an agent. (4) That each week the holder returns to the manufacturer the insured activity and the work accomplished, the persons approached and summoned the previous week and to the manufacturer no later than two days after receipt of any orders for the delivery of …………. as well as all requests received concerning the ……. The agent deposits with the manufacturer all funds he receives in advance from customers and presents an account to the manufacturer every Friday.

2. That the agent for ……. after the best and experience in this field and below guarantee, directly or indirectly, orders for the sale of ………. in the measure of the Rs value……… at least in the year from the date of this contract. 2. Agents sell the company`s products and work conscientiously for the promotion and sale of the company`s products….

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