Intra Group Distribution Agreement

24th September 2021

Intra Group Distribution Agreement

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PartnerVine: You mentioned that this agreement applies to material goods, so I guess you can exchange parts for the distribution of other material goods? A presentation distribution agreement is included in the LcN Legal suite of model intercompany agreements for transfer pricing compliance. Email us at info@lcnlegal.com for information on the prices of the presentation agreements and their coverage. Joanna: Limited risk allocation is a supply chain concept that is often used to optimize a company`s tax position in its business strategy. A standard buy-sell retailer buys goods, holds inventory and then sells those goods to customers. In a limited risk distribution agreement, certain risks are usually taken into account by the distributor (e.g.B. An intercompany agreement (also known as an “intra-group contract” or “transfer pricing agreement”) is a contract (signed) between two or more related companies. Such a contract governs the general terms and conditions of sale (GTC) of controlled transactions, such as.B. the supply of goods or services from one related company to another related company. Intercompany agreements are fundamentally different from those with third parties (also known as trade agreements).

An intercompany contract is signed by two companies that are part of the same group. One can think that they have the same goal: to increase the final result of the group. They have the freedom to arrange the transaction as they see fit, and it is unlikely that an argument will occur. At first glance, the intercompany agreement is a formality. Joanna: We can`t promise that it will work in any case, but that`s the idea. We say it is for hardware goods, because it is not for electronic products like software. There are specific provisions you need for electronic products, such as for example. B conditions of delivery, access and transfer of ownership of the products, which we have not mentioned in this agreement. Murphy: I wouldn`t say it`s specific to this agreement, but my team at PwC has put together a user experience that really helps the user get from A to B with minimal effort…

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