Washington Franchise Agreement Addendum

13th October 2021

Washington Franchise Agreement Addendum

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The ministry will issue you a franchise broker licence. It expires on December 31 and must be renewed annually. In addition, the franchisor must provide a copy of the Franchise Information Document (FDD) and a check for $600 to be paid to the Washington State Treasurer to cover the initial franchise registration fee. Fees can also be paid online. Under the Washington Franchise Investment Act, a franchise agreement is defined as an express, implied, oral, or written agreement by which: documents relating to the sale of a franchise must contain written and oral agreements, which may be express or implied. If someone pays or agrees to offer goods or services as part of a marketing plan provided by another and using a symbol or trademark of the other, then that agreement would be considered a franchise under Washington Law. Depending on the franchisor`s financial situation, the analyst may require the franchisor to terminate a franchise pounding contract and the analyst will contact you if such a request is deemed necessary. Instead of a pound, the analyst may accept a performance guarantee from a parent company, a guarantee or a deferral of receipt of the initial franchise fee. The FDD is one of the most important elements for filing an application for registration of a franchise in Washington. State and federal laws contain detailed regulations that specify what information should be included in the disclosure document and how that information should be presented. Franchisors in Washington must comply with many state and federal laws and regulations and know how the Department of Financial Institutions has interpreted various regulations.

The Washington Franchise Investment Protection Act is essential to these laws, but the law is supplemented by regulations such as Washington Administrative Code Provision WAC 460-80-110, which requires applications to renew, register, or amend a franchise to be filed electronically. Other necessary information includes an agreement by the accountants for the use of the audited financial statements prepared for the franchisee, advertising used in connection with the sale of the franchise, and some form of Salesman disclosure for any director, employee or officer who will sell franchises. Registration information should be transmitted via the online electronic file system (dfi.wa.gov/franchises/franchise-electronic-filing-system), although correspondence may be sent to the Washington Division of Financial Institutions, P.O. Box 41200, Olympia, WA 98504-1200. Wash. Rev franchise right is complicated, so the support of a competent lawyer can help franchisees avoid mistakes that could prove quite costly. When a franchisee fails to meet the registration requirements or commits an act deemed unfair or misleading, Washington law gives the franchisee the right to bring an action for damages. The franchisor may also be subject to fines and other negative consequences.

These risks are why it`s important to closely follow Washington Franchise Law and registration requirements, and many franchisees find it easiest to do so by working with an experienced and committed franchise legal team. . . .

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