Subject Verb Agreement Questions For Ssc Cgl Pdf

9th October 2021

Subject Verb Agreement Questions For Ssc Cgl Pdf

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6. Neither Ravi nor his parents (a) / were ready to accept (b) / their mistake. (c)/ No error Solution: the error is in part (b) of the sentence. If two names by “not only. But also,”ni ni.. Not yet,” either.. or”, the verb corresponds to its neighboring noun. In the given sentence, the adjacent subject of the verb is “their parents”, which is plural, so the verb should also be retained as plural. Therefore, “was” should be replaced by “goods”. Although the word is before the verb “is” plural, the appropriate verb is singular an “is”, due to the presence of “many a”. www.ssccglpinnacle.com rule-9 If gerunds are used as the subject of a sentence, they accept the singular form, but when connected by “and”, they take the plural mold. Example: Instructions Instructions: In these questions, a set/part of the set is printed in bold.

If the combination of a “numerical adjective + plural noun” gives an idea of the value, distance, height or weight, etc., the verb must be in singular form. In part (c) the verb should therefore be “was” instead of “were”. Error detection is an important topic that is requested in SSC CGL, CHSL & CPO exams. We have dealt with a lot of articles based on error derision. This article contains questions about error based on subject-verb concordance. If the subject is followed by words such as “with” and “with”, the singular singular follows the singular subject. Since the verb is “known” in its past form, it must be auxiliary in its past form. Profit and loss are part of the business.

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