The Umass Agreement

13th April 2021

The Umass Agreement

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“Show social responsibility by following public health policies in local businesses, public places and all public transport,” the agreement states. “Show compassion, caring and respect for other members of the community.” While students are advised to avoid overcrowded spaces, the agreement provides that students “do not organize or attend meetings and parties where social renunciation is not possible. [You] will withdraw from the meeting immediately after an order from the Amherst Police Department, your local police or the UMass Police Department.┬áTogether in the Union, we call on UMass Amherst to respect its agreements with us. Summary of Provisional Agreements for the Renewal of a One-Year Contract (July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021) The agreement encourages students to develop an “isolation and quarantine plan” before returning to campus and “create a go-kit if [they] are isolated or isolated and cannot return to my room.” All those who decide to live on campus should take personalized courses and/or have access to restaurants that sign the UMass agreement. Although there are no immediate steps to check And please understand the obligations described in the agreement, so you are familiar when it is published on Spire as the “To Do” needed. Let us be clear: we do not accept these insolent demands as legitimate bargaining acts and they must stop. We call on the administration to return in good faith to the negotiating table and to respect our main contract and six COVID-19 agreements. In our agreements, developed over years of contract negotiations and months of daily negotiations during coVID-19, the administration must exchange financial information and explore with us a number of other cost-cutting measures. Students are also expected to serve as active spectators “for the well-being of me and others, promoting social distancing and other health policies outlined [in the agreement]”, helping others to “forget their responsibilities and remind them to wear face disguises and keep an adequate distance to ensure the health and safety of all,” as the agreement says. The agreement is divided into three main parts: “Protect Myself,” “Protect Others” and “Protect the University and Local Communities.” If students are concerned about meeting the expectations set out in the agreement, they are asked to report them to the Staff of the Residence Education, the Student Conduct and Community Standards Office, the Dean of Students or their respective Academic Dean.

Students are also encouraged to seek the help, resources and support of the university and community staff “in these difficult times.” Pay attention to your chords. In contracts signed with our unions, the government has promised to maintain a collaborative relationship and avoid layoffs by exploring several other cost-cutting measures. Students must also obtain a flu vaccine during the fall semester. participate in safe practices such as the use of hand sanitizers, prevention of facial touching, and sharing of food, beverages, utensils and similar items; and wash hands “with soap and water for at least 20 seconds often, especially after being touched in a public place or after blowing my nose, cough or belations, before touching food, and after using the bathroom,” according to the agreement. In accordance with the agreement, students are expected to participate in testing and contact follow-up “in order to preserve the health of the community,” as well as “limit participation in personal courses, maintenance of necessary businesses, work, purchase and collection of meals, health care, outdoor activities and other necessary academic or private activities.” Students must limit personal travel outside Amherst and cannot accommodate outside visitors.

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