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City of Heroes Site

I’ve now sunken to that special level of hell reserved for those who make a website devoted to a game they play. (continued)

Character Sheet for Owen’s UA Game

Hey all- You can get the character sheet to modify right here. Points are 250 stat points, plus 75 bonus skill points. For reference, a link to the forum. (continued)

UA game on PD’s forums

Hey all, I’d like to run a UA game. (continued)

Damn you, Andrew

Hey, that sorta rhymes!
Anyway, Jenny read “Public Enemies” a book about John Dillinger, Baby
Face Nelson, the Barkers, Bonnie and Clyde, and all those other 1930s
outlaws.  And when she was telling me that Nelson was shot a
ridiculous number of times by high-calibre sub-machine guns, and then
twice in the legs with buckshot, before shooting an FBI agent right
between the eyes from across the road, then got away and lived for two
days, I thought, “Hmmmm, endure pain, 80+, handguns, 80+.” (continued)

Roleplaying Bananza

Over the last few days, I’ve received a lot of new roleplaying games in the mail…. Specifically, the new incarnations of both the World of Darkness, and of GURPS. Let me just say, GURPS 4th edition is beautiful. Not only is the book a wonderful full-color hardback, but the rules changes are excellent, and it’s so clean and efficient. The new World of Darkness is certainly cleaned up (and it needed it!), but unsurprising beyond the clean-up.

So to celebrate, here’s myself statted up in both GURPS 4th, and World of Darkness 2.0: (continued)

When Harddrives commit suicide

So I got home last night turned on my computer and try to access my back up hard drive.  My computers response was the E:\ is not formatted woudl you like to format it now.


Civ3 changes

So there are a lot of Civ3’ers in our little circle.  I was
wondering what changes people think should be made?  I’m thinking
of making a scenario including a bunch of changes, but I bet I’m
missing something and would like y’all’s input. (continued)

Godwalker Update

So, as soon as I posted the news that Greg Stolze’s book “Godwalker” was available, I surfed over to PayPal and ordered it. Fifteen minutes later, I received an e-mail from Greg himself, informing me that I was the first sale! (continued)

Godwalker is a go!

I just received an e-mail from Greg Stolze, a roleplaying game designer whose work I greatly respect and enjoy– Particularly his work on the excellent RPG Unknown Armies. Though that game has reached it’s end of life, Greg has been working on a novel set in the Unknown Armies universe. Today, his e-mail announcement proclaimed it for all– (continued)


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My first first-author paper!

Just wanted to share that my first first-author paper is now online! In the journal Stem Cells and Development, here’s my paper on “Roles of Integrins in Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Growth on Matrigel and Vitronectin.”

The Future of Scientific Publishing

Just read a fascinating (if lengthy) essay on disruptive technology and the future of scientific publishing. Well worth the read!


Just wanted to share’s Visual Guide to Deflation, which is quite explanatory.

All Things Stem Cell

Hey all Paradoxdruid readers! I recently started up a blog on stem cells that I’d love you all to take a look at:

Barely Literate: The Fermata

I participated in another Barely literate book review podcast, this time on Nicholson Baker’s “The Fermata”. Give it a listen!

Time for Change

Obama has outlined a strategy for America, in great depth. Read all about!

Free Rice

Okay, I’ll admit that it’s entirely possible that I am the last person to learn about this website*, but it’s really addictive. 


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